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Battle of Gettysburg 1863

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1862 Blog

Jan 3, 1863
Dear Mary my beautiful wife, Ok so before I start and explain to you this recipe that I’ll be trying to cook, let me tell you why I'm not out in the field doing General salutes and stuff. I don't know if you know about my little mishap that happened a little bit ago, but I will try to explain the short story of it right here. So I was at the Battle of Antietam doing my thing, and I might've messed up a tiny little bit. So as you know the better army (the Union) has way more troops, but I just couldn’t help but be the cautious guy I am. After losing our posts and then gaining them back again several times in this bloody battle, our troops lost the land of Virginia to the rebels. Lincoln got a little bit upset with me for not pushing our advantage, but I was just trying to be considerate of our men. I don’t have much time to write this letter because I need to start cooking and doing my chores for the day, but, if you want to hear more about the details, it will probably come up in the paper soon (I know I'm famous)! So after this little  incident Lincoln demoted me so now I'm not in charge, but I guess that means I get to do whatever I want? Anyways, today I'm going to be sending home one of the recipes to you that I've had here and want you to have the kids try because it is way better than any of that hardtack stuff. Hopefully I can be writing again to you soon to pass the time before I go to Europe or something because not being the general is kind of boring. Tell the children I love them and stay safe. So here is the Pork with Vegetables Soup!

Pork Vegetable Soup Recipe
  • 1 large porkchop with no bones
  • 3 pots of water
  • Soaked carrots
  • Vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Fry the pork in a pan till cooked
  2. Boil 3 large pots of water with salt
  3. Split the pork evenly in the 3 pans while adding carrots to each one and let boil for 15 min.
  4. Add vinegar and salt and pepper to give more flavor
  5. Boil for 30 more min and enjoy this super easy recipie!

(I would like to disclaim that this is a real recipe from the Civil War)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

General McClellan (1861 blog)

1861 Battle of Bull Run News Report Script
R: reporter
GB: general Beauregard

R: Hi welcome back to early morning Pennsylvania! On today's episode we will be interviewing some soldiers from the recent events that happened on July 16 of this hilarious year of 1861. We even have a “treat” for you as we will be bringing you an actual general of the south! ( I know what a shame) We will be right back.
M: And were back! Now let's get some background information before we hear the details if any of you out there haven't heard. So the battle of Bull Run started out when the greatest army of the north marched with 37,000 volunteers onto our land of Virginia. Their plan was to cut off the railroads and then move onto Richmond but they soon were counteracted by 23,000 Confederate troops that marched north by General Beauregard. And now for our “special guest” so you can hear more of the story …. General Beauregard!! (annoyed)
GB: Thank you! So basically my plan was to make a long confederate line of troops on one side of the creek and make a blockade to keep the Union from getting to us. The Union being the cocky people they are.. ran right into us us not even realizing how strong we were. At the middle of the southern string was  also another Southern General Thomas Jackson (my man ;) ) who got his men to stand strong. I mean that's actually where he got his nickname and I'm kind of jealous because its really cool and I want one just..-
M: General Beauregard can you please hurry it up
GB: Fine! ! But basically what happened I ordered a counteract being the smart General I am and the union crumpled like a delicious cookie right in front of our eyes and their big ego was popped. HOORAY FOR THE CONFEDERACY- I'm done now.
M: Thank you General (eye roll). 5,000 casualties so far counted and I wished we could have heard more from a better perspective but that's all we have time for today folks! Thanks for tuning in for the Battle of Bull Run with early morning Pennsylvania!

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General McClellan Schmitz (Enlistment)

The Best General Of The Year

Now this the story all about how the Norths army-flipped upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
you'll wanna hear 
I'll tell you how I became the best general of the year

In Philadelphia, PA born and raised 
On the Military ground was where I spent most of my days
Shootin, Trainin, keepin my cool
Getting second in rank and beating out these fools!
People got jealous because I'm too good  
And I'd like to thank my parents for my childhood!
I got commissioned to lieutenant and they got a little scared
"He's a natural leader and commander", "I know" I declared.

They pleaded for my help day after day
So I said "ok!" and went on my way
I helped them for a while but I needed something different
I decided to build things but the work was too rigorous

The war had started and was getting a little bit bad
So they asked me to step in and be their comrade
So a leader I became and a good one at that
I spoke my mind about sticking together
And if it wasn't for me it wouldn't have gotten any better

I started teaching these kids about winning a war
When they just kept giving me stars a more
I was prompted to be general and called "Young Neapolitan"
So south just listen to me I'm not your congressman

I arrived in 1861 to one mess of a war
And I helped the Union lots, but what for?
I am better than that Lee guy, so listen to me here
This was how I became the best general of the year

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